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ASU staff meeting in the  School of Transborder Studies office which has bright green walls, bookshelf and lots of artisan crafts on the walls and bookcases.

School of Transborder Studies

The only program in the nation that focuses specifically on the populations of the United States/Mexico transborder space and beyond, the School of Transborder Studies in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences promotes academic excellence and social change by developing cutting-edge interdisciplinary knowledge.

We believe the study of how borders can both separate and bring people together is fundamental to understanding the human condition. Our aim is to effect social change by developing and nurturing integrated transborder scholarship and teaching, leading to more prosperous and sustainable transborder communities. We also strive to affect transborder policy and social practice to promote individual, group, and regional prosperity in a globalized world.

In support of these endeavors, the School of Transborder Studies values students for their individual strengths and diversity and convenes faculty and staff committed to academic excellence and innovation.

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