• National Center of Excellence for SMART Innovation

    National Center of Excellence for SMART Innovations takes a systems approach in understanding the environmental, societal and economic impacts of climate, energy and materials. Read more

  • Urban Climate Research Center

    Urban Climate Research Center integrates social and physical sciences to develop and test urban design and management policies to enhance the productivity, health and sustainability of urban populations. Read more

  • Decision Center for a Desert City

    Decision Center for a Desert City offers transformational solutions for urban water sustainability transitions. Read more

  • Planet Works

    Researchers leading PlanetWorks strive to design and plan the future of planet Earth understanding the role of human actions on the physical environment. Read more

At Arizona State University, the social sciences provide knowledge, insight and skills to answer our world's most pressing questions. Ranked No. 4 in the nation by the 2018 NSF HERD assessment, ahead of Cornell University and University of Califormia-Los Angeles and Berkeley, we leverage our place to solve human problems, improve our capacity for decision-making, generate new knowledge about society, increase social and cultural diversity and inclusion, and inform policy and social processes through design and planning.

By pushing boundaries and engagement across the university, the social sciences at ASU drives local and global research in engineering, business, health care, science and policy, as well as educational successes. Join us!