Make New Knowledge

Arizona State University faculty and students are at the forefront of developing new insights into human behavior across the globe. They are producing a more accurate understanding of ideas, people, practices, and institutions that guide their lives. By gathering data about how both humans and human systems function and analyzing it using both well-established and the latest cutting-edge techniques.



Study indigenous experiences and impact communities worldwide
The Center for Biology and Society faculty members and students strive to understand the ways in which the history, philosophy, ethics, policies, and laws surrounding the life sciences all intersect.
The Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity leads research on the commonalities of sociality found in phenomena as diverse as gene networks, slime molds, ant colonies, corporations and cities.
The College for Integrative Sciences and Arts offers degrees in social and natural sciences, humanities and mathematics that are a flexible mix of face-to-face, iCourse and online options at the ASU campuses
Decision Center for a Desert City offers transformational solutions for urban water sustainability transitions.
Decision Theater Network actively engages researchers and civic leaders to model and visualize solutions to complex problems.
The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication explores communication in everyday life, from families to workplace, and religion to culture.
The Ieading center for the science of human origins.
The Institute for Social Science Research provides support for research and training in the social sciences.
Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability provides leadership and coordination for university sustainability initiatives and is home to the School of Sustainability.
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences prepares students to understand and address the significant challenges facing society in the 21st century
Researchers leading PlanetWorks strive to design and plan the future of planet Earth understanding the role of human actions on the physical environment.
The School for the Future of Innovation in Society is planning now for the kinds of futures that we will want to inhabit.
School of Human Evolution and Social Change seeks to understand the origins and implications of our human uniqueness – such as culture, cooperation and complexity.
Through research and teaching that explore how the human mind works, we strive to make sense of our world and the many places that we occupy within it.
UREx Sustainability Research Network aims to build connections between scholars and city and community practitioners to produce resilient infrastructure data, models, images, maps, stories and on-the-ground projects.
The Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions is committed to service, dedicated to research and learning that addresses social problems and is deeply engaged in the community—enabling us to be a part of the solution we want to see in the world.